Did you know that according to State statute and case law, winery staff (or bartending staff) may be deemed liable in any accident that occurs due to the intoxication of a customer?

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Every pregnant woman knows that deep down inside, someone is counting on her.

Every mom-to-be wants her child to be born healthy. Yet each year, millions of women expose their unborn children to possible lifelong challenges and hardships. How? By drinking alcohol (beer, wine or liquor) while they’re pregnant.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) is the leading known cause of mental retardation. FAS is caused by mothers who drink alcohol while they are pregnant. Characteristics of FAS include a small head, facial abnormalities, developmental delays, speech/hearing impairments, behavioral problems, uncoordination, and learning disabilities. Children with FAS commonly have problems with attention, memory and problem solving, and tend to act impulsively.

Wine Tasting 101

Enjoy - With Limits


Enjoying moderate consumption of wine is one of the pleasures of adulthood.

That said, especially in the United States where binge drinking has become problematic, it is good to keep the following things in mind when visiting wineries.


The wineries and their staff are obliged by law not to pour wine for any customers if their behavior indicates or suggests that they are inebriated. Winery staff and owners take this very seriously due to potential liability issues. Please do take advantage of spit buckets, as prudent, to avoid the overconsumption of alcohol. Responsible drinking is the order of the day.

Drinking/Driving/Designated Drivers

Please consider your own safety and that of your guests. Please consider having a designated driver when you visit wineries, particularly if you are visiting several.

Special Note to Pregnant Women

StopAlcohol inhibits inhibitions. Mothers may be drunk for a day - the unborn may become "drunk" for a lifetime.

Many of the wineries have posted the Surgeon General’s Warning regarding the drinking of alcohol by pregnant women. During Events, we hope that any pregnant guests will take advantage of non-alcoholic beverages, rather than risk the health of an unborn child. The wineries should exercise their right not to serve any obviously pregnant women on their premises.

Limo and Bus Policy

The wineries generally applaud guests who decide to leave the driving to a professional. It does permit the tasting guests not to have to worry too much about the logistics of driving from winery to winery. However, hiring a limousine service does not eliminate the requirement to be a responsible drinker! Consider that most limousines do not take the guests home, but rather, BACK to their cars. You don’t want to be unfit to drive home at the end of the day! Further, whether you arrive in your own car or a limousine, state law prohibits the wineries from serving you if are you appear intoxicated. Therefore, we have urge all limousine companies to discourage their guests from imbibing in the limo between winery visits.

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