Did you know that Yancey’s Fancy, NY’s Artisan Cheese Company, specializes in cheddar and flavored cheddar products, produces Euro-style cheeses and is the Event Sponsor of the Wine & Cheese Weekend?

Terroir and Cheese

“The term terroir is generally understood to be the effect that soil and microclimate have on the flavor of a wine. When the term is applied to cheese, as it is increasingly done, it includes the same factors of turf and weather as for wine, but goes on to include an animal--usually a cow, sheep or goat; vegetation, and naturally occurring molds”. … The term terroir, it should be said, can only legitimately be applied to artisan cheeses; manufactured cheese loses all sense of terroir when milk is combined from several hundred dairies, pasteurized at high temperatures, and the cheeses not given time to ripen or develop flavor.

Wine Business Monthly, February 1, 2002, Maria Lorraine Binchet.

Chautauqua-Lake Erie Wine Trail Events

Cheese and Wine - May 13, 14 & 15th

- wine tasting with snacks

Visit all the wineries for fabulous cheeses and special fare, each paired with a complementary wine.

Cheese provided by Yancey’s Fancy. A unique way to celebrate Mother’s Day!



  • LEWC no longer have couples and Sunday only tickets

  • DESIGNATED DRIVER TICKETS available for $20 (includes all but wine glass, wine samples and $5 voucher)

  • SORRY, no refunds; but tickets are transferable!

  • NOT ALL WINERIES participate in all events

  • NOTE ON BUSES: We reserve the right to limit the number of large groups purchasing tickets for our events; please see our online policy.

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