Did you know that Chautauqua Institute is located just twelve miles from Route 20, where many of the Wine Trail’s twenty-one wineries are located?

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Grape Country

America’s Grape Country is blessed with three different environments which provide for very different things to do. Compare these three. First, Chautauqua Institute, with its pedestrian activities in an historic village on a small lake. Second, grape, fruit, and dairy farms whose life rhythms and landscapes provide a vacation “close to the land” with many “agrarian” things to do. And last, consider what there is to do if you stay on the shores of Lake Erie – a beach vacation with sand and water! One region, but three very different places to enjoy.

Stay, Sleep, Eat and Play

Places to Stay

The Country Inns, hotels and 'bed and breakfasts' serving the Wine Trail are diverse and located throughout the county so that you can enjoy a wide variety of natural resources and scenery, cultural events and heritage - and our genuine and friendly people.

From clear lakes and rivers and marvelous patchwork of hills, farms and woods to historic towns that abound with art, music, crafts and restaurants, you are sure to find one of our Inns, Bed and Breakfasts or Lodges with the amenities and in a setting that suits you.

Click here for a list of Country Inns, and links to hotels, motels, 'bed and breakfasts', and other accommodation.

Places to Eat

White damask linen table cloths, gourmet dishes, fine wines… Romantic patios, intimate hideaways, cafes and winery cellars . . . No matter where you travel in the Chautauqua - Lake Erie Wine Trail area, you’ll find the perfect dining destination for your mood and the moment.

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Places to go, things to do!

xxThe regional area encompassing the Lake Erie Chautauqua Wine Trail, provides a massive array of "Chautauqua Experiences and Events" for visitors. We encourage you to consider the various options available.

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for places to go, things to do.

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