Did you know that all of Blueberry Sky’s wines are made from seven different kinds of local fruits including blueberries grown organically on the winery farm?

For Foodies Especially

Blueberry Sky is the only winery on the Trail which produces unusual wines which will fascinate the most serious of chefs and the most adventurous of eaters. These wines include garlic, onion, jalapeno, tomato, and cucumber. You must taste for yourself! One more that must be tried is Dandelion – which comes in both dry and sweet versions.

Blueberry Sky

Welcome to Blueberry Sky Farm Winery

Blueberry Sky Farm Winery is a small family owned winery located in Ripley, New York. The Heinert family offers deliciously sweet and dry fruit wines from their 70-acre farm that hugs the sweeping shores of Lake Erie.

In the summer, their almost four acres (around 1800 bushes) of ripening blueberry bushes are the homestead's hub of activity.

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