Did you know that Presque Isle sometimes offers classes for the novice winemaker?

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Presque Isle Wine Cellars, Inc has been in the business of supplying winemakers since 1964 and is one of the oldest such firms in the USA. They sell both juice and grapes and all the equipment needs of a winemaker, from the very casual to the very serious.

Presque Isle Wine Cellars

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Presque Isle Wine Cellars opened in 1964.

Presque Isle Wine Cellars shares with nearby Penn Shore Vineyards the distinction of being the first Pennsylvania Limited (Farm) Wineries, both being licensed on the same day in September 1969. One of our claims to fame is that we introduced the growing of the Vitis vinifera grapes in the Lake Erie area in 1959 and that we did extensive vineyard trials on those and on French Hybrid grapes at a time when there was very little being done on them at any of the Eastern Research Stations.

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