Did you know that Schloss Doepken offers a special Cabernet Sauvignon which was produced in 2001?

Heritage of a Name

Schloss Doepken is a German name – Schloss is the German word for castle or house and Doepken is the maiden name of the late wife of the winemaker and owner, John Simon Watso. Loosely translated, it means “House of Doepken”.

Schloss Doepken Winery

Welcome to Schloss Doepken Winery

Celebrating nearly 30 years of making fine wine for good times.

J. Simon and Roxanne Watso acquired the property on Old Route 20 in Ripley, NY in 1972 and set out the first vinifera vine in 1974, pioneering the production of wine grapes in the area when wine making was in its infancy in this part of the world.

Ripley's first farm winery license was issued in 1980 and the tasting room was opened to the public in 1981. Since that time Schloss Doepken (pronounced Depken) has been providing it's visitors from all over the world with fine wine. From traditional Chardonnay's, Rieslings and Cabernet Sauvignon, to the unusual Ripley Red, Cheektowaga White and warm Apple Crisp.

A visit to the winery is a unique experience in itself. Set in a 100 year old farmhouse, the tasting room and gift shoppe offer an old world charm. Classical music plays in the background as you enjoy a tale and description of each wine as you sip.

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