Did you know that the South Shore Inn is nearly one hundrewas stone arch depicted on the label of South Shore Wine Company wines is called a “soldier’s course”?

A "Must See" Historic Cellar

The South Shore Wine Company was originally established by grape growing pioneers William Griffith and Smith S. Hammond over 150 years ago.  The breathtaking stone wine cellar, inspired by French wine cellars, was closed during the Prohibition. It is now home to the newly re-established South Shore Wine Company and it stands in testimony of the beginnings of the now flourishing grape and wine industry in Erie County.

South Shore Wine Company

Welcome to South Shore Wine Company

A "Must-see" Historical Wine Cellar

The stone wine cavern at the South Shore Wine Company is one of the most historical and beautiful structures you will see in the Lake Erie Region. The site of Erie County’s first commercial winery, built in the 1860s, currently houses the impressive original stone wine cellar, home to Mazza Vineyards’ sister winery, a newly remodeled banquet facility and a seasonal patio café. The wine cellar itself boasts tastings and sales of its own list of premium and specialty wines, distinctive from those at Mazza Vineyards.

The combination of this beautiful and historical setting, paired with over 35 years of winemaking experience, beckons you to see and taste for yourself what one of the newest and most unique wineries in the Lake Erie wine region has to offer. 

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